It was always our intention to have a digital version of the quilt so that people not at the OER20 conference could see and explore the quilt and read the stories behind many of the blocks. As it is, we are none of us at OER20 in person this year. The number of contributions to the quilt was significant and to make it a doable thing to transport, the decision was made to make 4 smaller quilts which would join together.

Since the grand assembly of the quilt fronts in February, Frances has been working away to quilt each of the 4 pieces. As at 01 April Quilt number 1 is complete and you can explore the front and back below. We don’t have stories for every block yet. If you want to add the story of your block, you can do so via the link in the left hand menu.

Quilt 1 Front

Quilt 1 Back