Quilt square - colorful fabric and a girl with a hula hoop at center

A few threads of joy

I was so excited when the announcement for the #femedtechquilt project appeared. I started my quilting journey in March of 2013. I have always been inspired by my…

Swallow representing hope


This isn’t at all what I’d planned, but moving into the new year, all I could think about was hope, and how much we needed hope. The swallow…

Yellow patchwork block embellished with a bird applique, text and sketching written with black fabric pen. Text is "I know wht the caged bird sings, Maya Angelou. But how can WE know this? And how does the cage OPEN?"

I Know Why the Caged Bird Sings

I challenged myself to design a no-sew block to encourage participation in the quilt by those with an aversion to sewing. The detailed story of its construction is…