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It takes a village to raise a child

The story of how the #femedtech quilt made me confront my anxiety around sewing is shared in part here on my blog. I say in part because being…

A photo of a felted quilt square

Time and care: recognising the diverse layers of work in open education

My square for the ‘Femedtech Quilt of Care and Justice in Open Education’ has many layers and it’s a mix of stuff I made previously, found objects, bought…

Quilt square with applique Ireland, snowdrop, mayfly and pockets.


From the outset I had a vague idea for my contribution to the Quilt of Care, mostly stemming from #OER19 and reading about the Irish border quilt at…

femedtech quilt square

Big Heart

The main fabric in my femedtech quilt square is cut from an organic cotton bag from a store called Maiwa in Vancouver Canada. In Cantonese and Mandarin maiwa…