My square for the ‘Femedtech Quilt of Care and Justice in Open Education’ has many layers and it’s a mix of stuff I made previously, found objects, bought pre-made items and lots and lots of stitching. My square is about connections, colourful and diverse contributions, creativity, time and care.

Firstly, I already had a piece of felt with a flower like design that I made from some wool. I cut this into a square-ish and then added a variety of items from felt brooches in the shape of a star and a heart that I made a while ago, and which can be removed. I also added a button, a tiny pocket, a found object, braided string and a bought butterfly metal craft item. In between these items I stitched French knots in different colours and paths between them to represent nodes and connections.

I didn’t have a design in mind, this was deliberate, I wanted the square to grow from what I had available and my creative and reflective response to the call for participation. I wanted to somehow include things that represented taking and adding, so hence the removable brooches and the tiny, very bright orange, envelope/pocket where others could include something, perhaps a message? Pockets are powerful things.

The finished square, which is quite a busy, crowded and multi-layered picture represents my perspective on Open Education. But this is only ever of course a partial perspective, which is one reason why I think the Femedtech quilt is great; the quilt offers different contrasting and complementary views and stories that together adds up to a much bigger picture.

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