My strengths do not lie in sewing – but when I saw the call for #FemEdTech quilt I was intrigued by the initiative and thought I should challenge myself to take part.

I had the idea of making my square a mini-puzzle, by using binary to fit the Educational Technology theme of the group.

Luckily my Mum is a keen crafter and had a good supply of old fabric and accessories she let me raid for this project! The red velvet was so pretty it had to be that, and then I chose buttons and beads to contrast.

sewing in progress

Making sure I sew the beads on buttons on in the right order!

The hard part was making sure everything fitted into the square leaving sufficient border AND making sure I got the binary right – and I think (hope!) that I did.

If you haven’t solved it yet, then you need to look up some binary ascii characters which should make it easy to work out that the buttons are 1s and the beads are 0s. I won’t tell you what it spells out though – I’ll leave that up to you!



Shared by: Katie Piatt (University of Brighton)
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