This call is aimed at people who have contributed squares or fabric to the FemEdTech Quilt of Care and Justice.

The Digital Media Unit at the Centre for Innovation in Learning and Teaching, UCT have offered to edit a video of personal perspectives on the making or sourcing of your contributions. You might have something to say about your experience, your learning, working alone or in a group, or something else completely. The edited video will be available at OER20 in April.

Deadline for submission: 1 March 2020, but please submit as soon as possible to enable the editors to start working.

The Head of the Digital Media Unit has given us these requirements for the video clips:

  • 30- 60 second videos
  • As many cutaway shots as possible
  • Record in High definition (16:9) 1080p – most phones can record as a default setting this resolution
  • The camera needs to be held horizontally and put their phone on a table so they can stabilize it and then record.  It should not be further than half a meter away from your face.
  • Please record in a quiet area with a plain background preferably facing the light.
  • Upload the video clip to this shared folder link, and include your name in the filename,

Get filming!