This piece is created with three symbolic parts. The background is recycled from denim clothing. I chose the pocket area and then cut through the centre to reveal the unbleached material. While pockets are made to hold things, I chose to open this out to think about our deep-seated attitudes, how we can relearn and unlearn and how this impacts our attention to justice.

The orange beads hold open the pocket corners and reflect the ochre colours of the soil that nourish tree life in the arid lands of Central Australia. Nature has many gifts and lessons of care. The oil of the eucalyptus (gum) tree is used for its disease-fighting properties and for the care of ailments. The crocheted gum leaves and gumnut from the Eucalypt tree provide an acknowledgement of the place where I live, Arrernte country, and I give my respect to the land and first nation peoples.

The border has freehand machine embroidery which is created with a singled thread above and below the background material and incorporates many circles. Circles in Australian Indigenous art represents meeting places and I think of them as highlighting critical connection points like the place of birth. The squiggly line represents the many journeys of participants in the quilt project. The symbols of reused clothing (relearning and looking underneath), nature (care and respect for one another) and circles (meeting places and journeys) are joined in this block to connect with others in the creation of the quilt.

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