I was so delighted to see the call to participate in this quilt. I have previously used the craft as a tool for reflective practice during research. How wonderful to have a chance to be able to contribute.

The square itself is made from a new handkerchief that belonged to my dad, who died last April. It seemed appropriate to include him. The fabric comes from my oddment stash of bits left over from other projects. Recycling, reusing is important now for thinking how we can restore a balance in our planet. I have focussed on the Sustainable Development Goal of Education as a recognition that in all ages of life we should be improving access. For women, globally, there remains an injustice around opportunity and equality for women, particularly around knowledge about reproductive health. Thousands of women and babies are dying or damaged in childbirth throughout the world. Lack of education and health support for women is shocking. Women are second best in society, yet preserving the health and wellbeing of women is vital for the health and sustainability of future generations. What if there could be open education materials for women for reproductive health? What if there could be open education materials for midwives to learn? Actually there is, but it is not always accessible to all. This year, the WHO international year of the nurse and midwife, could there be better distribution of resources to meet the Sustainable Development Goals for education, health and equality?

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