Interwoven, connected. We are all part of the fabric of life. The colourful, the monochrome, the big and the small, the loud and the quiet ones…

I started this square when I was re-learning basic crochet stitches. Frances saw my early attempts on Instagram. All stitches are the same. I just used one stitch type, the only one I could use at the time. Despite the limited skills used, diversity is there.

Frances encouraged me to make something for the #femedtechquilt, I could not resist. I like a challenge and an opportunity. Especially this one as caring and togetherness always meant a lot to me. I had no concrete idea when I started what would emerge. I immersed myself into the process,  with positive thoughts, hopeful ones too.

I reached for green wool. Growth. Growth for all and I think that was important for me. A habitat that can nurture everybody physically, cognitively and emotionally, with love and care.

Soon the tapestry became crowded. I found it hard to stop and if I didn’t pack the square into an envelope, I would still be adding to it. The square may appear limited in size but it is unlimited in possibilities and plenty of room for all. Plenty. Also, for all the flowers and creatures that are not there yet and the invisible ones. On the square, the fabric of life, a symbiosis is possible without hurting each other, without trampling on each other. Colours are bold, vibrant. Some of the flowers blend into the background, that is ok, others stand out a little bit more, that is ok. Others are multicoloured, that is ok. Others are more delicate, that is ok.

Ladybirds are special for me. They remind me of my boys when they were little and the stories I used to invent for them. And the busy bee is the Manchester, of course, but there is a connection to the ancient Minoans. Ladybirds and bees are also good bugs, they protect the flowers, all of them, they protect us, they make our world more colourful and help us grow.

There is no grey. Did you see any? I am thinking about this… Perhaps because the sun is shining, can shine over all of us, bath us and embrace us all. Its warmth spreads vibrant colour and care, just like this quilt illustrates already as the puzzle pieces are coming together. It has been fascinating to see so many of the contributions from around the world.

Let’s share our love for each other. Care for each other as only then will we be able to understand each other better, much better.

Shared by: Chrissi Nerantzi
Reuse License: CC BY SA Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike
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