This contribution comes from a collaboration between three very different women: different ages, different experiences, different interests and activities. But shared values. We all share social justice and we all try to take chances to actively contribute to reach it. I (Paola, 47 this year, project manager in Polimi University) put us together just because of my deep passion for open education, but it could have been anyone else. I involved my mom (Franca, 74 in few days, retired, living in a very small town in the countryside in North Italy) and Monica (same age as me, 47 this year, artist, craftswoman). It was easy to start with social justice to involve them: they know about open education but it is quite far from their everyday life. Social Justice isn’t. They immediately felt the power of this collaborative, wide, rich, diverse, emotional quilt and jumped on board. So grateful for this chance to show how quickly women respond to a call to action when caring appears to be meaningfully represented.

Shared by: Paola Corti
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