The intent behind this square is probably too literal. In a sense, it riffs off of Martin Hawksey’s more vividly phrased advice for men in the ed tech space. It’s a phrase I try to repeat to myself when I’m tempted to speak over someone, or do some “well, actually…” mansplaining online.

I do not really sew, and I was really worried about submitting something embarrassing. I might have ducked out (and then felt horrible) without some spine-stiffening from Anne-Marie Scott.

Somewhat like “that guy”, I went with iron-ons and fabric glue in my plan. I was still quite unsure of myself, so I asked my crafty friend and co-worker Marie Bartlett for some feedback and supervision. Her guidance proved necessary when the fuzz and the googly eyes could not be glued on, and I ended up using needle and thread after all.

Marie keeps Brian on task as he assembles his square

In part because of my anxious and uncertain process, I only sent this off today. Here’s hoping expedited post works its magic.

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