We, a team of 5 women at Portland State University in Portland, OR, spent some time brainstorming ways that we see care in praxis in open education and digital spaces. Using “icons” as a medium, we aimed to represent the communal nature of the open movement while centering practices in care. Each of our squares represents care in a different way: (Listed clockwise from top left square)

With varying sewing abilities, and no experience quilting, we used a “learn through experience” methodology to embroider and assemble squares and create a selvedge edge background. We chose a rainbow color palate to signal a queering of care in our approach. Our resident crossstitcher, Amy, stitched the centerpiece to tie our themes to OER.

Shared by: Kari Kono, Misty Hamideh, Lindsay Murphy, Amy Stanforth, Jaime Wood
Reuse License: CC BY Creative Commons By Attribution
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